At CBD & Herb we are happy and very proud that, as the exclusive distributor in the Netherlands, we can represent the honest Spanish/Dutch brand "CBD Spain".Read more about CBD Spain

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CBD Spain is a small family business that was founded in 2010 by Dutch pioneers/entrepreneurs Peter Vermeul and Yvonne Zevering. Since 2015 they have been located in Malaga, Spain, partly because of the optimal climatic conditions for the cultivation of the Cannabis plant.

The Unique Power of CBD Spain

CBD SpainΒ Medicinal Food SL is one of the first CBD Plant-identical producers in Europe, known for its productionΒ Plant-identical Full-Spectrum Cannabis Paste. Each paste, derived from specific strains, offers unique, unproven medicinal properties.

Dutch Handmade Excellence

CBD Spain's strength lies in its complete in-house management, from seed to finished product, with every stage of production carefully controlled. This artisanal approach, supported by years of expertise and scientific development, guarantees high-quality Plant-identical Full-Spectrum CBD cultivation and products.

Buy CBD Spain?

As the exclusive distributor in the Netherlands for CBD Spain, you have come to the right place at CBD & HERB. With us you will find the complete range of CBD Spain products and we are happy to help you.

Vision Innovation and Development

By constantΒ innovationΒ andΒ developmentΒ of their own,Β Unique Plant-IdenticalΒ Full-Spectrum CBDa Products, WillΒ CBD SpainΒ remain the market leader in this specific Full Spectrum CBD industry. And through quality andΒ biologicalΒ By putting their work first, they want to make a positive contribution to the development of therapeutically high-quality products in the CBD market worldwide.

Our promise

  • Cultivation to end product in-house
  • Plant-identical cultivation
  • Biologically grown
  • Full spectrum due to optimal high presence of CBDa, CBGa, THCa, Flavonoids and Terpenes.
  • Maximum presence of unique Cannflavins
  • Unique extraction with Ultrasonic (sound waves)Β forΒ retention of all ingredients
  • Increased therapeutic effect and possibility of low dosage/microdosing
  • Homogeneous composition for consistency
  • Entourage effect for exceptionally high therapeutic value
  • Raw and Full spectrum without additives
  • Not decarboxylated (not cremated)
  • Traditionally made with care and attention
  • Laboratory results regularly tested in Spain, America, Switzerland

Laboratory Results

Laboratory results of theΒ Cbga/cbda 10% CBD oilΒ from CBD Spain!

"The Power of CBD Spain; A Customer Story"

In 2017, Mitchel came across the path of Peter and Yvonne, with the knowledge of that time and the presence of Cannabis plant extracts at that time, they started working on Mitchel and his father's request for help. Mitchel lived day in and day out with severe tics in which his muscles became extremely cramped, diagnosed with a form of Tourette's. Together they looked for the possibilities that one of the CBD Spain extracts could offer. The result was unprecedented. After taking an oil specially formulated for Mitchel, his tricks decreased drastically. Which greatly improved the quality of his life.

This special experience alone, and the extremely good outcome, strengthened Peter and Yvonne's mission even more. Growing and producing the purest and most completeΒ CBD oilΒ possible.

"Your Health our Passion"

Peter and Yvonne

CBD Spain