Meet Christine

Hi, I'm Christine, in addition to our Special Place B&B, Sleeping at number 1, on the Veluwe, I work as a Naturopathic therapist, where I integrate my original profession as a Classical Homeopath (2005) with life/health coaching and Eastern and Western Foot zone reflex (TCM), Craniosacral and 5 elements of nutrition (2019). My focus: energetic work with the Chakras and Auras, HSP and grounding in 5D combined with Transformation Healing (2022). Attention to restoring the connection between body and mind through grounding in your earthly vehicle. The self-healing capacity is therefore stimulated to heal at all levels. The movement is, from your head to your heart :-)

In the wooden house on the grounds of our Veluwe farm, I organize one-on-one mini-retreats for women with burnout or fatigue complaints. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, recharge, organize, look back and ultimately return home recharged and full of new insights. Come home to yourself, allow the peace and quiet, where feeling and inner knowing begin. Put yourself first again! See "You at number 1"

Career/life cycle

I originally graduated from the Higher Hotel School in The Hague. But after a career in business, we moved from South Holland to the Veluwe in 1999 with our then young family. An old Veluwe farm gave us the peace and space we were looking for. A place with Ouessant sheep in the meadow, dachshund Morph and Ronnie running through the garden and enough mice for our 3 cats. A place where our children could grow up close to nature. Due to a major burnout and the death of both parents within 1 year, this was the moment for me to completely change course. This is how I started the 6-year training as a classical homeopath (Amersfoort), partly inspired by the vaccination issue, which I was confronted with when our children were born.

Until 2010, when our youngest son was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia, a life-threatening rare blood disease. He was only 12 years old at the time. Years of hospital visits follow. Without even realizing it, I was on a mission; asking for space and giving a voice to our child as a person who was ill and not a body that needed to be fixed. A cry for help in which I drew attention to the integration of regular medical knowledge and skills with the unprecedented possibilities of natural medicine in the broadest sense of the word. Not an easy task, but supported by my sister Annette, we managed to bring both worlds together in our own way. This path was life changing! I learned on an essential level the importance of the connection between body and mind. And thus understand and feel even better what it is like to be connected to the source and therefore listen to your own wisdom and intuition. And very practically speaking, how important it is to take responsibility for your health into your own hands! Continue to learn and inform yourself and have the courage, as a pioneer, to step off the beaten track.

For the health of myself, our animals, but especially for our youngest son, I came into contact with Yvonne and Peter from CBD SPAIN before they moved to Spain in 2015. And now 7 years later, my sister and I, with our company CBD & Herb, the official distributor of CBD Spain products in the Netherlands, are in our opinion the purest, complete and beneficial CBD oil in Europe. At the same time, CBD & Herb is developing into a platform where most pure products are offered to people who are looking for other/additional paths of healing and health. Personal advice and guidance and sharing our years of knowledge and experience is our driving force and at the same time our passion. Annette and I complement each other in a special way, each based on our own individuality and talents.

I see myself primarily as a life/health coach with attention to body, mind and soul. In addition to naturopathic knowledge, I am particularly experienced in searching for "the best of ALL worlds". When our son underwent life-saving surgery due to a brain haemorrhage in 2020, I was very aware of the knowledge and expertise of scientific medical science. world. But at the same time I have a deep knowledge that real healing of diseases, a holistic vision (seeing people in their entirety) and approach is more appropriate.



If you call, text or email CBD & Herb, Christine will speak to you. In addition to general advice about which CBD Spain oil, TCM herbal tincture or homeopathic remedy is best for you or your animal, it is also possible to schedule a consultation with her. Holistic Practice - Veluwe . If you would like more information or to make an appointment, please email For information about a mini-retreat in the wooden house on Veluwe, click here