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CBDa / CBGa oil is a nutritional supplement, so not a drug, medicine or substitute for healthy food!
The information in our webshop therefore under no circumstances replaces the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. The supplement information should be viewed as general guidance.
You are advised to submit medical questions, complaints or symptoms in a timely manner to your doctor or other professional healthcare providers in order to receive professional examination, diagnostics and possible medical care.
Like other web shops, we are not allowed to make medical claims for CBDa / CBGa products. This is laid down in European legislation and these laws apply to both manufacturers and retailers. In addition, we are not authorized to provide you with medical advice because we are not doctors. If you have any doubts about the use of CBDa / CBGa oil, we always recommend discussing this with your doctor.

The information we provide is for support purposes only.
If you have any questions, you can of course contact us at any time.