Meet Annette

Hi, I'm Annette, acupuncturist and naturopathic therapist, actually much more than that. But for convenience and recognisability, I will summarize it in these 2 professional groups. Because I now work with so many different therapies, such as:

Acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbs, Osteopathy, Craniosacral, Orthomolecular, Homeopathy, various flower therapies and Naturopathy. In addition, one of my specialties is nutrition for both humans and animals.

After having a practice in Zeewolde for more than 25 years, where I mainly treated people, but also dogs and horses, I switched 4 years ago to only treating animals. So I'm up Monday and Friday can be found in the Center for Alternative Veterinary Medicine in Amsterdam, where I work with two veterinarians and a homeopath.

My treatment is based on the individual animal and his/her personal weaknesses. In my practice I also regularly opt for a combination of both regular and non-regular remedies. Partly due to the pharmacology training, I can properly estimate the effects and effectiveness of the various medications and herbs prescribed by doctors/specialists.

Background and education

TCM Acupuncture and Nutrition / Orthomolecular / Western medicine at the Academy of Natural Medicine in Hilversum (5 year training)

With the minor subjects: Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Iridology

The following short studies were followed: Osteopathy for dogs and horses, Chinese herbs, Western herbs, Basic Medical Knowledge, Pharmacology and Lecher antenna.

With the Lecher antenna I measure tissues and organs, among other things. In combination with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this is a way to create a complete treatment plan.

I have also developed my own (TCM-inspired) herb line, which has also been available in our webshop for a number of years. I have 12 and 5 years of practical experience with CBD oil and CBD Spain oil specifically. I am probably the only one in the Netherlands/world who has collected so many case studies. And know when to use which full-spectrum plant-identical CBD Spain oil for which disease.

My passion for animals runs like a common thread through my life. Since 2012, I have been one of the driving forces behind various sterilization projects in Romania. I am also involved in the adoption and placement of foreign dogs. I am often called in for both physical complaints and behavioral problems. I myself have 6 foreign dogs as housemates.

"It's special how things turn out in life and my sister and I have found each other in a new collaboration through the founding of CBD & Herb. We both feel a great need to share our years of knowledge and experience with others. And especially therapists/ to inspire professionals to provide tools in addition to their existing practice, so that the possibilities of health and healing can be used even more broadly. What is ultimately only in the interest of every person and animal, that is what I do it for"


If you are unsure about which CBD Spain oil is best for your animal and you would also like further advice for your animal's complaints and symptoms, it is now also possible to consult Annette about this online. You can do this by sending an email to:

For the online consultation, Annette needs the following information from you:

  • name of the animal
  • date of birth
  • race
  • power supply
  • any medication
  • recent photo showing the animal alone
  • description of the complaints
  • if present, blood tests and/or x-rays
  • and finally your telephone number
If desired, Annette will contact you by telephone for additional information. She will describe the consultation and final advice in detail and email it to you. The online consultation is €50