Homeopathy | Hypercal Tincture

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✔️ Drops: 10ml
✔️ Suitable for: External use
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Homeopathy | Hypercal Tincture – 10 ml

Use for wound treatment/care , brings recovery and peace to nerve-rich tissue/skin. Disinfectant, styptic and anti-inflammatory. In homeopathic practice it is seen as a natural alternative to the use of iodine.


Hypercal can be used to treat all types of wounds such as abrasions, bites and cuts, surgical wounds, superficial burns and blisters, but also for mouth ulcers, canker sores and gum infections or after tooth extraction. Hypercal also has an itch-relieving effect on stings from insects or jellyfish, etc. You use Hypercal by dissolving 5 drops in 50 ml of water or 10 drops in 100 ml, preferably boiled and cooled water (mineral water is also allowed). With this dilution you can dab with, for example, a cotton pad soaked in the dilution or you soak a gauze pad in the Hypercal solution and apply it to the wound. For wounds in the mouth you can rinse and spit out (swallowing is not really harmful but is not recommended). If you put the dilution in a spray bottle, you have a super wound spray! Hypercal dilution does not sting (pure or stronger dilution does sting a bit because the tincture is based on alcohol) and is in principle only for external use.
For wounds and/or eczema, you can use the CBD Spain skin cream after using the Hypercal tincture. In addition to helping the skin recover, this potent skin cream is also anti-inflammatory. The Hypercal also contributes to that restorative capacity and also has a disinfectant and fungal/bacterial killing effect. An exceptional natural combination that is indispensable is the Homeopathic first aid kit for humans and animals.

Hypercal Tincture is for OFF use .

TCM inspired herb remedies for both humans and animals.


5 drops in 50 ml of water (preferably boiled, cooled water or spring water), dab the affected area/wound with this dilution. Or sip in mouth, rinse and spit out ( SHAKE WELL before use)


Extract of Hypericum Perforatum 50% and Calendula 50% and organic alcohol.

Drops: 10ml

Suitable for: External use

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