To connect

Connecting with like-minded people and sharing great new information. That's what this page is about. We come across such special people and new initiatives along our path, which make us so happy and we can't resist sharing this with others. What they have in common is that they have taken a step based on their individuality and talents to bring new information, methods and energy into this world. With heart and passion, these people do what they are good at. A new color, new light and new sound from a different consciousness.

The House of the Animals "Every animal is one and has the right to a good life!"

WaveLite " Listen with your Heart!"

Wavelite is a super cool initiative by Jeroen. He is an expert in the field of frequencies and has developed a unique device that converts music tuned to 440Hz to 432Hz in real-time. 432 Hz is the natural mother tone of the Universe. Listening to music in 432 Hz promotes deep grounding, gets you out of your head and aligns you with the source.

Center for naturopathy and animal nutrition . "The natural healing force, within each of us is the greatest force in getting well"- Hippocrates -

And then Kelly and Dieter crossed our path. Two super passionate people who started a great online academy from a French rural village, completely in line with what we stand for and then a connection is of course made in no time!

Electroculture van Doorne "Discover the special electroculture results for agriculture and horticulture, through the use of natural energy, electricity and magnetic fields!"