About us

CBD & Herb was founded in 2019 by Annette & Christine de Vogel.

"We inherited our passion for natural medicine and health from the cradle. Our father was a pioneer in the field of organic, dynamic agriculture and horticulture in the Netherlands in the late 1960s. Sick people in particular knew where to find us for unsprayed vegetables. Our mother worked for a naturopathic doctor and guided people with the Moorman diet. We both eventually became complementary therapists and now have years of experience in guiding people and animals in naturopathic practice. This includes nutrition, coaching and classical homeopathy. , Chinese medicine and herbs, acupuncture, osteopathy, foot reflexology, etc. Since 2018, we have enthusiastically started using CBD Spain oil in our practice.

"We don't really know any better than that as humans we have a wonderful self-healing capacity. And from a holistic perspective, nature has so much to offer us, allowing us to take our health into our own hands again."

In addition to knowledge about Western and Eastern herbs, see our own tried and developed herbal remedies, we have worked very hard in recent years to gain insight into the effect of CBD Spain oil on many diseases. And this in collaboration with the owners of CBD Spain: Peter Vermeul and Yvonne Zevering. We have often been amazed by the high-quality therapeutic effect of the CBDa dominant oil from CBD Spain. And the microdosing that is then applied. The so-called entourage effect is KEY for the effectiveness of this pure, complete CBD oil. This means that all available substances (Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids) that are naturally present in the plant work in perfect harmony with each other and determine the powerful effect of CBD Spain oil. Now 5 years later, we can advise and guide people and animals more than ever in making the right choice from the different types of plant-identical, full spectrum CBD Spain oil. The effect varies from wound healing to serious pathology!

We would like to share this knowledge with others. Gradually a network of professionals is emerging, who offer CBD Spain products with expertise, especially in their practice or as therapists. We have recently started organizing Masterclasses to transfer our knowledge to this group.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Peter and Yvonne from CBD Spain, we, and now you too, have access to a pure and, above all, exceptionally powerful Full Spectrum CBDa dominant oil. Or in Peter's words: "As nature intended!"

What touches us is their passion and the integrity with which they, as the only grower/producer in Europe and perhaps worldwide, manage to get the very best out of the Cannabis plant, thanks to their sophisticated cultivation and production process. Would you like to know more about their passion and motivations? Then we would like to refer you to the page "About CBD Spain"

Do you have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we look for the possibilities that Mother Nature has available to us.

Start taking your health into your own hands today, we are happy to help you get started!

Annette and Christine