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The kit for Pets contains the following homeopathic remedies: Aconitum, Arnica, Apis, Aconitum/Arsenicum/Arg-n, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Bryonia, Cantharis, Cocculus, Drosera, Euphrasia, Gelsemium, Hypericum/Calendula, Hepar Sulph, Ignatia, Ipecacuanha , Merc-corr, Ledum, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, Rhus T/ Ruta, Silica, Sulfur, Symphytum. and a bottle of Helios SOeSsenceª 10 ml.
This is a Blossom Formula that contains a combination of different Blossom remedies such as: Bluebell, Larch, Mimulus, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem and Walnut. Can be used in stressful and first aid situations for all your pets.
Now temporarily with this kit for Pets a bottle of our herbal tincture Easing Balance 10 ml as a gift. Can be used for all kinds of pain complaints, but also inflammation such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. Read more about the powerful effect of the Easing Balance in our blog . A natural alternative for pain complaints, indispensable in your first aid homeopathy box!

Drops: n/a

Suitable for: Internal use

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