The Paradox of CBD

The Paradox of CBD

The Paradox of CBD

Meaning & definition

A paradox is an apparent contradiction. This contradiction initially seems to go against the sense of one's logic, expectation or intuition and sometimes it is based on a fallacy.

Lately it stands Cannabidiol CBD), a substance that occurs in Cannabis and Humulus, among others, is in the spotlight and not always positive.
In many cases I can follow the criticism of doctors and physicians.
Unfortunately, there are few so-called CBD specialists who actually have any knowledge and know-how to provide well-founded advice.

After the commotion on the broadcast of inspection service of value , on February 18. Recently, I felt compelled to respond in a personal capacity and share some knowledge and information with you.
I have more than 38 years of experience with the cultivation and breeding of cannabis plants, of which 15 years with extraction (HTFSE), and I am also an expert by experience. I have already effectively combated many ailments and discomforts, including Basal Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer).

In recent years, the CBD market has exploded and I was shocked and surprised to see that many “Cowboys” entered the market with absolutely no knowledge or skills whatsoever.
Unfortunately, the magic word became CBD and people only talked about CBD and this is completely unjustified.

CBD as a single substance is not the product that created the CBD hype. The CBD hype more or less originated with the Stanley Brothers in Colorado.

The Stanley Brothers had a cannabis plant that did not get them stoned after smoking it; they gave this plant the name of: “Hippies Disappointment”.
This cannabis plant contained virtually no THC, which gives it the psychoactive effect, but in this case
Strain contained a very high percentage of CBD and a very low percentage of THC.

The Full-Spectrum extracts of this plant were later used to treat a five-year-old girl, Charlotte Figi with Darvet syndrome.
Charlotte had dozens of epileptic seizures a day and the doctors no longer knew how to act and were at their wits' end. At that point, the parents started using CBD cannabis extracts as a last resort and that turned out to be a bull's eye.
From average 300 she had epileptic seizures per week, to an average of one seizure per week.

The American news channel CNN , has one at the time moving documentary made about it and then have it Charlotte Figi followed for many years and have made several documentaries of its developments.

Unfortunately is Charlotte Figi died at the age of 13 due to Covid-19. here one Tribute .

From that moment on, the CBD was and continues to be in the spotlight. In the beginning, everyone was really busy with the pure extracts of the plant, full of terpenes , cannabinoids, flavonoids, etc. Of course there were major quality differences between the different producers, but everything revolved around the complete extraction of the cannabis plant.

But more than six years ago, the first unprecedented CBD crystals came onto the market
purity, up to 99.9% pure CBD crystals with 0.000% THC.
The market responded very pleased, after all, they could now market a product with a high CBD percentage, without having to worry about the maximum THC percentage, which internationally stands at a maximum of 0.2% THC delta 9.

In the beginning, CBD crystals were quite pricey
This price was between €20,000.00 and €30,000.00 per kilo.
Currently, prices have plummeted and CBD crystals, of 99.8% with GMP, are now offered for less than € 500.00 per kilo.
This development would be great if the CBD crystals had the same effect as the cannabis extracts made from the entire cannabis plant.
But unfortunately this is absolutely not the case, CBD crystals and CBD extracts are completely different products, with a completely different effect of the CBD.

I am not a fan of CBD crystals myself, but CBD crystals can certainly be used. The correct dosage is important here.

In this presentation the effect of the CBD crystals and the Full-Spectrum extracts is shown and explained in the Bell Curve .
The most important conclusion we can draw from this is that CBD based on crystals has a maximized effect and the effect becomes less at a slightly lower dose or a higher dose.
The correct dosage is very important when using crystals.
However, the Full-Spectrum CBD extracts indicate in this graph that the effect of Full-Spectrum extracts only increases with a higher dose of cannabis extract.


Due to the worldwide ban on cannabis in the 1930s, even researchers and scientists were allowed to live in America do not conduct studies in the field of the cannabis plant.

That ban even went so far that the studies done in Europe not  could be published in America.

Ironically it has U.S. Department of Health and Human Service , applied for and received a patent in 1999 for cannabinoids as “antioxidants and neuroprotectants” from the cannabis plant for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and HIV.

That patent is:

Fortunately, times are changing enormously and the cannabis plant is receiving a lot of attention for its medicinal properties.
Various states in America have released the cannabis plant for recreational and medicinal use.

By this positive development large-scale studies are currently being conducted in the field of medicinal cannabis.
Studies are even being conducted to combat Covid-19.

I try to explain everything as concisely as possible, but as it is a very complicated matter, this is not always possible.

CBD crystals are, as one might suspect, almost 100% pure CBD crystals, without the more than 500 other substances such as cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc., that are normally present in cannabis plants.
Scientists have now come to the conclusion that these substances are in the cannabis plant
work together for optimal medicinal effect, the so-called Entourage effect . In short, the Entourage effect is the collaboration of the components in the extract, which makes cannabis extracts a very potential product.

Recent scientific studies have also increasingly shown that Full-Spectrum extracts have an even better effect. The latest research indicates that cannabinoid acids play a much larger role than they previously suspected.
Out this investigation shows, among other things, that Full-Spectrum extracts that not  are decarboxylated, are 1.7 times more effective, than a Full-Spectrum is exactly that well is decarboxylated in the treatment of a certain form of colon cancer.

CBGa extracts also play an important role in this research.
Due to my years of experience with cannabis extracts, I can certainly endorse this opinion of the scientists, in fact I am convinced that every plant , and every different strain, its own has a specific effect.

The percentages of THC and CBD are even not  the determining factor of the effect of the cannabis extracts.

I have noticed this regularly over the years. A good example that I often quote is:
Mitchell a boy then 15 years old with severe Gill de la Tourette syndrome.
He started with the drops of Felina, which is an industrial hemp variety.
He responded very well to this, within 20 minutes he was completely rid of his ticks and discomfort.
After three months we sent another CBD oil. This CBD oil was made from
four variants of CBD plants, the percentages of CBD and THC were almost identical, but the product did not work at all, even though 25% of the Felina was incorporated into the new CBD oil.
In desperation, I made another CBD oil from the Felina extract and within 20 minutes I was free of attacks again. And to this day, more than 3 years later, he is still virtually seizure-free and in the prime of his life and can grow up like a normal boy his age.
With this example I want to make it clear that it is not the THC and the CBD that have the effect, those values ​​were almost identical, only the composition of the product is different.
It is true that you must continue to use the product and that the composition of the product must remain constant over the years, as it has been shown that the specific composition
of the extracts are of great importance.

It is also essential that cannabis products are regularly tested by an independent officially registered laboratory, so that we know what is in our extracts.
These tests are not only very important to us, but fortunately more and more doctors are interested in cannabis and they certainly cannot do without them.
That is why Full-Spectrum cannabis extracts are always tested for cannabinoids and terpenes.
After all, 10% to 40% of the cannabis extract consists of terpenes.
This partly depends on the cannabis strain used (but certainly not available from machine-dried industrial cannabis).

The Endo-cannabinoid system

The meaning: Endo = body's own Phyto = vegetable

What we need to know is that our own human body produces the same substances as in the cannabis plant, our body produces Endo-cannabinoids.
And the cannabis plant produces Phyto-cannabinoids.
The great thing about this is that our body accepts the Phyto-cannabinoids and sees them as Endo-cannabinoids.
Normally, our body can repair its own system by consuming high-quality nutritional products.
Unfortunately, our food supply and lifestyle have deteriorated to such an extent that our bodies are
own Endocannabinoids can no longer optimally replenish and repair, resulting in all kinds of ailments and diseases.
By using Full-Spectrum cannabis extracts, we can quickly and effectively replenish the Endo-cannabinoids in our body, so that our body can repair itself.

If it is noted that we had already found the "receptors" for quite some time, but that it took many years before we found the "keys" that fit into the receptors and those keys, you guessed it These are the Endo-cannabinoids that we produce in our body Dr. Esther Fride showed in 2004 that endocannabinoids are passed on through breast milk and stimulate the baby's sucking reflex and are extremely vital for the development of the rest of life.

I would also like to point out that, in my view, Microdosing in many cases is more than enough and that is one of the reasons why we should not decarboxylate our cannabis extracts.
The raw, pure extraction of the plant is far more visible than the extracts that go into the oven for quite some time (decarboxylation) to convert the THCa and CBDa into THC and CBD.
Unfortunately, many terpenes and other essential components are destroyed during heating.
Heating the cannabis extracts is a common ritual for recreational use, one should know that the THCa is not psychoactive and does not get stoned or high.
By heating the THCa, it is converted into THC and THC is psychoactive and can float away on a pink cloud when used.

When used as a nutritional supplement, it is important to damage the natural composition of the plant as little as possible, so that we can utilize all the natural components of the plant.
For me personally decarboxylating , like swearing in church.
When I ask people what is healthier, a head of fresh endive mashed into a stew, or an endive that has been boiled into snot... then they will know.

Humans have a nasty habit of wanting to improve everything in nature, but they are only rarely successful in doing so. Yes, a good example is Aspirin, the substance 'Salicin' occurs naturally in the bark of the willow tree and is suitable for making a medicine, better known as "Aspirin".
And let's well-being, many medicines come from nature.

But this does not apply to the cannabis plant, the interaction of 500 to 1000 components that we find in the cannabis plant determines the effect, the so-called Entourage effect.
It is difficult and difficult for pharmaceutical companies to obtain a pharmaceutical patent for these extracts.
So it is difficult to register as a pure medicine, which is why there are only a few cannabis-based medicines available in pharmacies.

The pharmaceutical industry has been able to produce medicines based on pure CBD crystals, possibly enriched with terpenes and other crystals, and fill pharmacies with products based on these crystals for some time now.
But when we visit the pharmacy we come to the conclusion that the shelves are empty and that these products are virtually non-existent.

I would like to point out that it is very striking that many large manufacturers make Full-Spectrum oil from CBD crystals and promote them as a miracle oil.
I can only say one thing about this, as long as we don't even know what is in the Cannabis extract and how all the components work, there will be only one real Full-Spectrum extract for the time being and only nature can do that. create yourself.
We humans will have to accept that.

CBD crystals and CBD extracts are two completely different products, each with a different effect and application

Unfortunately, there are certain manufacturers and sellers who knowingly promote their CBD products as Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, but when we look at the test reports, if any can be found at all, it appears time and time again that the promoted Full -Spectrum products are made from CBD crystals with sometimes some terpenes added.

And the way in which some promote CBD crystals is certainly impossible to follow. A very remarkable one is this, I quote:

CBD pure organic oil is made with heating.
For this purpose only the tops of the hemp plant.
These buds contain the most CBD.
This is in contrast to the RAW version where the entire plant is used.
CBD becomes pure through oil extraction manufactured.
During oil extraction, the hemp is immersed in hemp seed oil (sometimes olive oil is used).
Heating ensures that CBDa (the acid form of CBD) is converted into CBD and included is found in the hemp seed oil.
After seven keep you one rich CBD oil extract with the soft taste of hemp seed oil.
In this process it is more difficult to get the CBD oil to a certain percentage. Oil extraction is therefore a somewhat more difficult and lengthy process price is also somewhat higher.
Due to the heating, the other nutrients and cannabinoids are less well preserved during the process.
The percentage of CBD consists entirely of CBD.
The percentage of CBD stated on a bottle of pure organic CBD oil therefore concerns: only the substance CBD (cannabidiol) and contains no other cannabinoids.

Pure organic CBD is, as the word “pure” says, pure CBD.
Pure CBD does not contain THC.

This description of some dissolved CBD crystals in oil is very creative, to say the least pure nonsense . When this kind of nonsense is proclaimed by the so-called CBD Specialists??? ………

The CBD oil made from crystals is certainly not bad, but is a completely different product with a different effect than CBD oil made from cannabis extracts.

I am certainly not against the use of CBD crystals, but I find it highly objectionable and undesirable to promote products made from CBD crystals as Full-Spectrum.

Honest and knowledgeable information is here essential.
The ultimate user of cannabis products must 100% sure are, what he buys, too
actually gets.

Always consult with your doctor, especially when using medications

Due to the purity of the CBD crystals, it is possible to overdose CBD is normally not a problem.
But when we use high percentage CBD oil, based on cannabis crystals, and there simultaneously You can use certain medications without consulting your doctor
suffer from an overdose of regular medication.
This is because the CBD has an inhibitory effect on the liver enzymes involved in the breakdown and conversion of, among other things, the medication.

It is necessary to test all products.
Testing is not only important for the manufacturer to know what is in it, but it is also essential for scientists and doctors, who must know what they are prescribing in order to understand and learn what they are doing.

Assessing and reading test reports is an obscure subject for many, which I can fully understand and the tests can hardly be assessed and interpreted by an amateur.
But trained laboratory technicians, who perform cannabis tests every day, can tell you with great certainty within a few minutes exactly what type of CBD oil you have obtained.

The Definition of Full-Spectrum Extracts

Is the complete extraction of the plant with all, cannabinoids , monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, diterpenes, triterpenes, lignanamide, flavonoids , flavonols, stilbenes, etc., and nothing has been added and nothing has been reintroduced.

Non-decarboxylated Full-Spectrum Extract delivers the most balanced representation of the cannabis plant.

The regulation of cannabis products is very urgent, not as medicine but as
food supplement.
In my personal view, the cannabis plant should be placed as a nutritional supplement.
I sometimes compare it with a lemon, the lemon is packed with vitamin C, but can simply be bought at the greengrocer, so it is not stated that the lemon is medicinal and should not be sold at the greengrocer, because it contains the pharmacy offers medicinal vitamin C pills.

The fact that the cannabis plant has magical powers has no longer been a question for me for a long time, but a certainty. Over the years I have seen many special things happen. I am not going to say that it was 100% cannabis extracts, certainly not, diet and lifestyle are also of essential importance here.
But regardless, the results were stunning, time and time again.
Over the years I have amazed many doctors.
Fortunately, doctors are also increasingly open to cannabis as a natural resource.

Tip: To get some more certainty whether you are really buying a Full-Spectrum oil, you should ask for the so-called Terpenoids test from an independent and officially registered laboratory.
In most cases they can't and then you know enough.
Especially when you know that Full-Spectrum extracts are always tested for terpenes!!

In Cosmetics, the Full-Spectrum cannabis extracts, in the form of skin balms, are a real sensation…………

Some additional information:

According to most scientific medicinal studies, the products based on cannabinoid crystals have a positive effect of around 35%.
In contrast, a positivity rate of around 85% of users of Full-Spectrum extracts.

Hemp and Cannabis are genetically the same plant.

CBGa ( the matriarch of all other cannabinoids ) what all cannabis plants are the first to produce when they start to flower (the synthase ).
The CBGa that the plant is produced by certain plants during flowering enzymes converted to CBDa , THCa and CBCa (the synthesis ) All other cannabinoids in the plant are then formed from these four main cannabinoids.

I hope that with these contributions the shadiness and obscurity (and perhaps most importantly the... ignorance in CBD land) a bit more clearly.

With thanks to Peter Vermeul, author of this article.