CBDa and CBGa 10% extract | Full Spectrum CBDa dominant oil

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✔️ Drops: 250
✔️ CBD content: 10% CBDa dominant full spectrum extract
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CBDa and CBGa oil 10% extract | 10ml | 1000 mg

This is a very special oil from CBD Spain, normally this combination of high percentages of CBDa and CBGa is not found in one and the same plant. The cannabis plant itself can only make CBGa, the enzymes present in the plant convert the CBGa into CBDa, THCa or CBCa. This depends on the proportions of the 3 enzymes responsible for this. 

To produce this artisanal and unique Full Spectrum CBDa & CBGa 10% oil, with 0.05% THC (legal standard), a CBD dominance plant and a CBG plant are used, which are extracted together in a certain ratio. 

The result is an unprecedented Full Spectrum extract of which scientists have shown that CBDa and CBGa are very effective in the fight against viruses and can give our immune system a huge boost. 

It is also known, in particular, that CBDa is up to 1,000x more effective than CBD and is also much better absorbed into the bloodstream than CBD. 

CBDa is also known to be able to block the Coax 2 enzymes to a large extent. These Coax 2 enzymes are the causes of the pain we experience on the skin, so in other words: the CBDa is a powerful itch and pain reliever for the skin. CBDa and CBGa are completely different and cannot be compared to CBD and CBG and are therefore a very welcome addition to our green pharmacy. 

Ultrasonic treated

In terms of processing, we have added an extra step, namely ultrasonic treatment of the oil. A clean, safe, sterilizing treatment method with high-frequency sound waves, which allows us to break open and reduce the clumps of the CBD concentrate (with all cannabinoids and terpenes) down to nano level. Due to the larger contact surface of the substances, absorption by the body should be faster, more complete and more effective. According to some studies, a nano-agent could be as much as several times stronger than the untreated version! That makes a bottle much more economical to use, and it works much better.

As nature intended

The CBDa & CBGa 10% from CBD Spain does not mean that it contains 10% CBDa and CBGa, but indicates that there is 10% pure Full Spectrum extract in the bottle , an unprecedentedly pure extract that retains all active substances. as nature itself has produced them, plus an unprecedented amount of CBGa, CBG, CBD, CBDa, THCa, CBCa, CBDVa, etc., as well as terpenes derived from the same cannabis plant such as: alpha-Pinene, beta-Myrcene, Linalol, Beta -caryophyllene, Alpha-humulene, Guaiol, alpha-Bisabolol and of course the heavily underexposed flavonoids, such as: Cannflavin A, B and C, Apigenin, Quercitin, Luteonine and Orientin. 


In order for the body to get used to the CBD oil, it is important to increase the dosage slowly. Start with 1 drop 3 times a day, in the mouth on the tongue. If necessary, increase to 2.3 etc drops 3 times a day. Every person is unique and will arrive at a different optimal dose.

Drops: 250

CBD content (%): 10% CBDa dominant full spectrum extract

CBD content (mg): 1000 mg CBDa dominant full spectrum extract


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