Pets 2% extract | Full Spectrum CBDa dominant oil

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✔️ Drops: 250
✔️ CBD content: 2% CBDa dominant full spectrum extract
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Pets 2% extract | Full Spectrum 10ml | 200 mg – Animal-friendly CBDa oil

This animal-friendly full-spectrum oil is a mix of different hemp varieties.

Pets often respond well to CBDa oil . The metabolism of animals is relatively high, which is a possible explanation. The possible applications are numerous, ranging from epilepsy, arthritis to skin conditions. The effective dosage is generally lower than necessary for humans. Animals also weigh less, with each drop providing a relatively higher dosage per kilo.
The oil can be dropped directly into the mouth or rubbed on the gums or the inside of a cheek. Some animals aren't too fond of the taste, so putting the drop(s) on a treat may also be an option. We do not recommend adding it to the water container, as water and oil do not mix.

Ultrasonic treated

In terms of processing, CBD Spain has added an extra step, namely ultrasonic treatment of the oil. A clean, safe, sterilizing treatment method with high-frequency sound waves, which reduces the molecules of the CBD concentrate (with all cannabinoids and terpenes) and reduces them to nano level (this for a homogeneous product).


According to the Harvard medical school, Cannabidiol (CBD) has several health benefits, such as the suppression of epilepsy and several other conditions.

For more information, we would like to refer you to the Harvard website


Animals: 1 drop twice a day. Build up slowly by starting with once a day. If necessary, increase to 2/3 drops twice a day depending on the condition and reaction/vitality of the animal. We also have very good experiences with dosing the oil in the neck/on the skin of the animal!


If you would like to know more about our CBDa oil for animals, you can always contact Annette directly via our contact form . She works as an acupuncturist at the Center for Alternative Veterinary Medicine in Amsterdam and has more than 12 years of experience in treating complaints/ diseases and the use of CBD Spain oil and other natural remedies in animals.

Drops: 250

CBD content (%): 2% CBDa dominant full spectrum extract

CBD content (mg): 200 mg CBDa dominant full spectrum extract


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