Easing Balance, een natuurlijk alternatief bij pijnklachten en meer!

Easing Balance, a natural alternative for pain complaints and more!

Easing Balance, a natural alternative for pain complaints and more!

Acupuncturist Annette - one of the owners of CBD & Herb - has developed the formula for this unique herbal tincture "the Easing Balance". She first tests all tinctures extensively herself before she starts working with them in her practice. Her motivation for developing the Easing Balance tincture was motivated by the fact that she saw serious side effects in many animals as a result of regular medication. But a compromised immune system in often older animals also motivated her to look for a natural alternative. After all, where pain complaints diminish, the body can relax and thus find deeper balance and healing. In Chinese medicine, it is often the liver that is visibly overloaded due to overmedication. This is often one of the reasons that people are increasingly looking for natural, non-invasive alternatives for healing and/or well-being. Not only for themselves, but also for their animals!

Now, many years later, our Easing Balance is not only used as an alternative to natural pain relief, but has also been shown to have a positive influence on many more symptoms and complaints.

What makes this tincture so beneficial? 

To do this, we will take a closer look at the herbal extracts that form the basis of this tincture. 

The willow bark (Salix purpurea) contains a natural aspirin (salicin) and is analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory and therefore works very effectively on pain complaints.

The devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) is famous for its analgesic effect on joint complaints such as: rheumatism, arthrosis/arthritis, gout and also protects the cartilage. The positive effect on lower back pain in particular is striking! In addition, it relieves digestive complaints and devil's claw has remarkable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The list is not yet complete, because it also has a blood purifying and diuretic effect.

The horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) Various studies show that the seeds of the horse chestnut have a positive effect as a regulating factor that prevents vasoconstriction . That is why the use of this chestnut is promoted for many cardiovascular diseases. The horse chestnut contains strong antioxidant properties and the important substance aescin . Aescine is a substance that strengthens the vein walls, improving blood circulation in your body. It also reduces inflammation and pain in the legs. It is therefore recognized as an herb that is able to wick away moisture and promote blood circulation in general. In the 'European database for Natural Medicines', aescin is therefore cataloged as 'effective'. This is also endorsed by the Pharmacological College of Barcelona in Spain.

Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) licorice root contains more than 300 compounds, some of which have very powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and analgesic effects. The root of the licorice root contains g lycyrrhizin , this substance is related to cortisol that we humans naturally produce in our adrenal cortex. People who produce too little cortisol are sometimes prescribed licorice. Glycyrrhizin and cortisol have in common that they are analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

When and for what can you use Easing Balance?

We generally use the Easing Balance for all kinds of pain complaints. But from experience we can now indicate very specifically in which complaint pattern the Easing balance also has a positive effect. Brace yourselves, because here comes the list:

Arthritis/arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, nausea, stomach acid (reflux) and tension and stress on the stomach, supports kidney function/adrenal glands, supports the condition of the large vessels and capillaries in Raynaud's, Parkinson's, dementia, neuropathy, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular vascular diseases, pain in muscles and nerves, headache, osteoporosis, wear and tear of joints, blood thinner and therefore a blood pressure lowerer, lower back pain, tendonitis, tennis elbow, gout, tired and heavy legs, varicose veins, blood circulation, relief from cough and asthmatic complaints and digestive complaints.

We won't be surprised if this list only gets longer in the future!

Practical examples

We conclude with two cases from our practice. One from the veterinary practice and one from our practice where we guide people. In both cases, the Easing Balance herbal tincture has made a significant contribution to relieving the complaints in a natural way. This is partly due to the powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of this special tincture.

Human case : A 59 year old woman has osteoarthritis in both hips. She became despondent from the pain and also entered a downward spiral mentally/emotionally. Regular pain relief didn't help! The wear and tear was not yet serious enough to qualify for two new hips, 'according to the specialist at the hospital'. After our advice, the woman starts with the CBDa oil Carlotta 10% - from CBD Spain - in combination with the Easing Balance and experiences relief from pain almost immediately. 

This is what the woman wrote to us in March 2020:

" I started using the CBD Spain oil and the herbal tincture at the end of February and it almost immediately felt so relaxed! This of course also affects all the other complaints that I now experience and that are slowly disappearing. There is no need to continue walking with pain now. more. Build up slowly and stay consistent with your intake for best results. Remember, everything takes time. "

Animal case : Tyson, an English bull terrier, is 12 years old when he comes to the practice with complaints of osteoarthritis in the lower back, at the junction between the sacral bone and the last lumbar vertebra and SI joints. These problems are confirmed at that time via X-rays.

He visibly has a lot of difficulty walking, which is mainly reflected in the pain in his front legs. The pads are warm and swollen. He has been suffering from lower back pain for some time now and as a result has started to overload his front legs.

In addition to acupuncture treatment, Tyson receives CBDa oil, Carlotta 10% - from CBD Spain - and the natural painkiller Easing Balance.

Tyson's owner reports to us after 1 week:

"Our dog Tyson is pain-free and can again walk the normal walk for an older dog."

Why Easing Balance?

What is immediately striking is that the herbs in the Easing balance have three very important beneficial properties in common. Easing Balance is: anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant. As far as we are concerned, these properties ensure that this herbal tincture can be used for so many different complaints and diseases and therefore has a visible, positive effect on the health and well-being of both humans and animals.

In short, an organic herbal tincture that everyone should have in their natural home pharmacy!

Christine and Annette

CBD & Herb

"Natures Best For You and Your Animals Health"