Werken zetpillen echt beter dan andere vormen van cannabis en waarom?

Do suppositories really work better than other forms of cannabis and why?

Do suppositories really work better than other forms of cannabis and why?

Suppositories with a lot of phytocannabinoid acids

Peter Vermeul: Lately we have been inundated with questions from people with prostate problems, among other things, whether suppositories could be a solution? According to the specialists I regularly speak to, this could well be related to the after-effects of the Covid pandemic, but that is besides the point.   

In a short time, I have helped several people upon request - with the knowledge of and in consultation with the treating physicians - to make their own suppositories with a high percentage of phytocannabinoid acids such as CBDa, CBGa, etc.

The big advantage of these full-spectrum extracts is that they are much more easily absorbed into the bloodstream than the decarboxylated (heated) form.

No psychoactive effect with these suppositories

A large number of people quickly let me know that it went very positively and that the doctors were amazed. But one swallow does not make a summer and time will tell how things will turn out.

Cannabis suppositories, whether anal or vaginal, may seem like a strange concept to most, but the pros far outweigh the cons, making it a fantastic way to experience the tremendous health benefits of cannabis.

Cannabis suppositories are also a dream for medical cannabis patients looking for ways to avoid the psychoactive effects of cannabis (i.e. THC).

The benefits of cannabis suppositories

Suppositories have been used for decades to administer various types of medications to patients. The pelvic region is home to hundreds of nerves that extend into the legs and spine, while the colon also contains ECS receptors . 

Anal cannabis suppositories can be used to treat hemorrhoids, inflammation, Crohn's disease, anal fissures , prostate disorders, restless leg syndrome, sciatica, digestive disorders and postoperative pain .

Vaginal suppositories can be used by women to help with abdominal pain, cramps, endometriosis , vaginal dryness, inflammation, pre- and post-coitus pain, and to relieve menstrual pain.

But no matter what the problems, rectal suppositories are usually effective throughout the body, especially for problems such as:

  • Epileptic seizures where it is not possible to dose by mouth
  • Having problems swallowing medications
  • Preferably do not smoke medication

Inability to keep fluids or pills down due to vomiting/nausea (such as in people undergoing chemotherapy)

Faster absorption of cannabinoids

When the cannabinoids are absorbed through the rectal mucosa, it helps to distribute them quickly to the bloodstream and nearby organs. And it is also an efficient way to eliminate the “high” caused by THC. 

We must note that decarboxylated cannabinoids are generally poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. Especially when using suppositories, it is desirable that we use a pure full-spectrum extract in which the terpenes, flavonoids and phytocannabinoid acids (the non-decarboxylated form) are present in large quantities.

The absorption of THCa, CBDa, CBGa (acid form) in the bloodstream is many times higher than the decarboxylated THC, CBD, CBG. 

How to use cannabis suppositories? 

Cannabis suppositories should be stored in the freezer or refrigerator. The cold temperatures are necessary to keep them firm for insertion. Most suppositories have coconut oil and/or cocoa butter as a carrier, which becomes soft and liquid very quickly at body temperature. 

So speed of insertion is desirable, otherwise the suppository will become too soft!

To insert rectally, lie on your side and pull your knees up to your chest. Insert the suppository through the rectum using the index finger. It must be inserted approximately 4 cm to reach the anal sphincter.

You also have to be careful that it doesn't slip; You can prevent this by pressing the muscles of your buttocks together for about 5 seconds. Then remain in the lying position for at least five more minutes.

There is a possibility that there will be some liquid later  leaks from the rectum, so it is ideal to use suppositories before going to sleep, or if you can make time to spend the rest of the day at home and relax. To prevent soiling of the bed, it is wise to take measures such as a sanitary towel or old towel.

Different kind of high

For anyone who has never tried a suppository, this may feel a bit awkward at first. But it is an excellent way to reap the healing benefits of the cannabis plant, especially for patients who need it most but are unable to consume it in other forms. 

The active substances (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids) in cannabis reach the bloodstream without having to pass through the liver and the upper gastrointestinal tract. This results in much higher cannabinoid concentrations – up to 75% –  that are absorbed into the body.

The liver is also essential to getting high/stoned , as THC passes through the liver before reaching the brain to give you a “high.” The best way to describe this shot you might get from suppositories that do contain THC is one that makes you feel more clear and relaxed.

Peter Vermeul

Owner, grower, producer CBD Spain

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