"Welkom in de schimmige cannabis wereld"

"Welcome to the shadowy world of cannabis"

"Welcome to the shadowy world of cannabis"

The 'CBD' industry
Unfortunately, we have to deal with a lot of ignorance in the "CBD" industry, even listed "CBD" companies, the available scientific knowledge is often very poor. According to Peter Vermeul. Much of the available knowledge is simply taken from the internet and is simply copied and sold as the “truth”.

Due to the ban on Cannabis in America, where even research results from Europe were banned, the Cannabis industry has fallen far behind.

Fortunately, there has been a remarkable turnaround in this regard. After it was released at a local level in America, “medical” cannabis is once again in the spotlight.
As long as we are talking about the “medicinal” effect of the flowers, there is not much to worry about. These flowers are a purely natural product and humans cannot change much about them.
A completely different story concerns Cannabis extracts. As soon as we start delving into the world of extraction, even most so-called “Specialists” are completely lost.

It starts with the simple fact that very few people know what is actually present in the fresh cannabis flowers and how it is formed in the plant itself and what happens once this fresh flower is harvested.
Because in the fresh flowers NO THC, CBD, CBC or CBG is formed, in them we find CBGa, THCa, CBDa and CBCa.

The “a” of CBDa stands for (acid) “acid”
The effect of the CBDa (acid form) is completely different from the CBD.
Because the CBDa is very unstable and is ALWAYS naturally converted into CBD in a short time, no scientific research has been done in the past. Until Prof. Raphael Mechoulam had found a way to stabilize this CBDa in 2018 and was able to conduct further research with it. This quickly showed that the CBDa could be up to 1000x more effective than the CBD.

This applies not only to CBDa, but actually to ALL acid forms, especially when we can extract the entire plant, while retaining the terpenes, flavonoids, etc. present, the “Medicinal” effect can be called very special.

The so-called “activation” of the cannabinoid acids (decarboxylation) is only interesting for the recreational “weed” smoker. The THCa, naturally present in the plant, is NOT psychoactive, which means that you cannot get “stoned” from THCa. When this THCa is converted into THC, it only has its “active” effect and one thus becomes “Stoned as a shrimp”.
But for the “medicinal” effect, Decarboxylation is simply Cremation and the “medicinal” effect of the naturally present cannabinoids is largely negated, together with the extremely sensitive and important terpenes and flavonoids.

CBD Spain's products are completely different from all other colleagues in the field. By chance I discovered an Extraction method that preserves the entire composition (extract) found in the fresh plant. Even after many years, stability at CBD Spain is guaranteed.
This may seem like a simple thing, but the practice is completely different, normally ALL Cannabinoids “decarboxylate” through TEMPERATURE, LIGHT and TIME, which is always accompanied by a reduced “Medicinal” effect.

After years of shouting in the desert, the current cannabis community is starting to realize the potential of these pure natural and stable extracts.

You can find more specific information in my articles and if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Peter Vermeul.

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